I am delighted to announce that the Christian Icon Exhibition at St. Teresa’s Church in Wilmslow has been prolonged by ten days.

 The icons will be on display until Wednesday 28 December.

The exhibition at St Teresa’s Church in Wilmslow, running from Sunday 11th to Wednesday 28th December, introduces viewers to the art and history of icon painting, the symbolism of icons and their role in Christian worship.

The artist, Veronica Jane Gatti, has been an icon painter and painting teacher since 2003, working in Italy, Scotland and England. Her art is directed towards the knowledge of early Byzantine artists, the colours of Italian Medieval art and the spirituality of Eastern and Western traditions of Christian art.

The exhibition features icons on wooden panels painted with egg tempera and decorated with gold leaf.

About Me


I am an Italian icon painter, and Painting has always been my passion since I was a child.

I have worked as a full-time icon painter and painting teacher in Italy, Scotland and England, where I actually live.
My art research is directed towards the knowledge of early Byzantine artists, the
brilliance of natural colours and the spirituality found in eastern and western Christian art tradition.

Icons can be located in churches or at home, as a small place of worship. They can also be a Wedding or a Christening precious gift.
I specialise in commissioned work, so if you are interested in discussing an icon that you would like or asking any question please contact me

Detail from the icons of Our Saviour, from a pair of icon commissioned for a wedding gift.
Solid wood, levkas, 24 kt gold leaf, egg yolk tempera, Veronica Jane Gatti, 2020.

Mother of God of the Passion

Detail from the icon of the Mother of God of the Passion
Solid wood, levkas, 24 kt gold leaf, egg yolk tempera, Veronica Jane Gatti, 2022.

Detail from the icon of Saint Mark, commissioned as a Christening gift.
Solid wood, levkas, 24 kt gold leaf, egg yolk tempera, Veronica Jane Gatti, 2010.

Icons of the Annunciation and Archangel Michael in Our Lady & St. Bride Church, Cowdenbeath, Scotland, June 2021.

Iconography Courses

For Adults & Children

Teaching Art is something I truly love to do.

Since 2011 I have been teaching Iconography to adults and children and in a recent years I also taught foundations of drawing and painting to beginners, both adults and children. Most of the participants had a rewarding experience and enjoyed the friendly environment, following the classes year after year.

My Blog

Icon Corner

The Mother of God of the Passion

Solid wood, levkas (gesso), 24 K gold leaf, egg yolk tempera.Veronica Jane Gatti, 2022. The prototype of this icon comes from the Italian-Cretian School of the XV century, especially from the icons paint by Andrea Ritzos. This...

Another journey for the icon of Saint Peter

This beloved icon of Saint Peter Apostle has finally joined us again after a two week journey from Pisa to Wilmslow, hopefully to find soon a place in an exhibition. When I painted it, following the icon of Saint Paul, the Iconography teacher Stalnov said that the...

Saint Teresa of Avila

Icon of Saint Teresa of Avila, private commission, 2021. Cm 20 x 25. Solid wood, gesso, 24 carat gold leaf, egg-yolk tempera. by the hand of Veronica Jane Gatti. “Let our soul trust in the goodness of God, which is greater than all the evil we can do. When, with full...

Icons commissioned for Our Lady and Saint Bride’s Church, Cowdenbeath, Scotland, June 2021.

The two icons on the sanctuary, soon after the delivery. Drawing and gilding of the icon of Archangel Michael. Gilding the icon of the Annunciation. ICON OF THE ANNUNCIATION The dimensions of the icon are 124 x 75 cm and it is made of solid wood, gesso, 24 K gold leaf...

2020-2021 Year of St Joseph

The Vatican announced that this year (December 8, 2020 - December 8, 2021) would be a year dedicated to St. Joseph, husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus Christ. With the Apostolic Letter “Patris corde” (“With a Father’s Heart”),...

The journey in creating a Christian icon starts from heart and woods.

A good piece of solid wood has to be matured and carved to obtain the ideal support for the sacred Image. This material is the same material of the Ark of Covenant, that was made of precious wood and covered in pure gold (Es 25, 10-11). Wood is also the material that...

About this Corner

About this Corner: Iconography is the slow and delicate transformation of elements found in nature such as pigment, wood, gold, limestone, egg. These are worked together using ancient techniques with the purpose of revealing the Image of God. Iconostasis is...