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About this Corner, image of an altar with religious icons.

About this Corner: Iconography is the slow and delicate transformation of elements found in nature such as pigment, wood, gold, limestone, egg. These are worked together using ancient techniques with the purpose of revealing the Image of God.

Iconostasis is the meeting of the Invisible and the visible: the manifestation of angels and saints, of Christ and the Mother of God.

At home, blessed icons are usually placed on a shelf or a table to form an icon corner, that is a small worship place like a home altar. Here is where the icons that the family owns should be located. You can start your icon corner with the two most important icons, Our Saviour and the Mother of God, a Bible, a Cross, and a candle.

The concept of the church of the home is an ancient Orthodox tradition, beginning in the first century. At this time there were no separate churches, so Christians would gather in private homes to worship. 

For Orthodox icon corner see https://orthodoxwiki.org/Icon_corner

About this Corner, image of an altar with catholic blessed icons.