Our Saviour Acheropita


Our Saviour Acheropita
Cm 21 x 28
Solid wood, levkas, egg yolk tempera.
Veronica Jane Gatti, 2020.
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This small icon is made by traditional egg yolk tempera and natural pigments on solid wood; the background and halos are painted with yellow ochre instead of gold, as we can see in many icons from the past.

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This icon is inspired by a much bigger icon of the Tret’jakov Gallery in Moscow.
Each icon of Our Saviour Acheropita (or Mandylion) represents the image that Jesus left on a cloth to heal and convert King Abgar. King Abgar of Edessa sent his messenger Ananias, who was also a painter, to paint the portrait of Jesus, but the holy face image was miraculously impressed by the son of God on the cloth.

Acheropita means “not painted by human hand” and represents the Incarnation of the Divine Logos. As for the Gospels it brings us the Law of the New Testament .
The Jesus Christ ‘s holy face sends out the light of his teaching.

The halo comes with a Cross with three Greek letters “o ω v” , meaning “I am that I am” from Exodus 3:14, because Jesus is the Incarnation of God.


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