The Crucifixion


The Crucifixion
Cm 21 x 28
Solid wood, levkas, egg yolk tempera.
Veronica Jane Gatti, 2020.
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This small icon is made by traditional egg yolk tempera and natural pigments: the background and halos are painted with yellow ochre instead of gold, as we can see in many icons from the past.

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The drawing and the colours of this icon of the Crucifixion come from a XVI century icon preserved in the museum of Kolomenskoe, Russia.

The high Cross in the centre of the icon is stuck into Golgotha, that is painted as a hill with a black cave where Adam’s skull is buried. The cave represents the Ade, where Jesus descended after his death to save who lived before his Incarnation.

The Mother of God, Saint John Apostle, the centurion Longino and a lady are praying with great sorrow and devotion.
The walls of Jerusalem stand behind the Cross with golden gates and two towers:
one has one pinnacle and the other three pinnacles. This, as many figurative symbols of Iconography, reminds the three Persons in a unique God.
In this icon we can see the suffering for the death of the Son of God, but in the meanwhile the bright colours and the peaceful pose of the body of Christ bring to us the message of the Salvation and the joy of the Resurrection.


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